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Homeschool COOP

We are a community of secular, inclusive families in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts who come together to provide rich social and learning opportunities for our children. We offer weekly coops when you can make new friends, find your tribe, and join fellow homeschoolers to collaboratively create a day full of fun and interesting programs.

Tuesday coop kids staffing the food stand and restaurant they set up.
A student examines a rock sample during a Resource Center class.


Resource Center programs are open to all homeschoolers. Voyagers offers a wide variety of programs: drop-off classes, tween and teen social events, informational talks for homeschooling parents, exams, and more.



This course will cover biology from its fundamental principles through cutting-edge synthetic biology and drug discovery.


This course will present an overview of physics, ranging from Newton’s laws to relativity and quantum physics. Classes will focus on hands-on lab activities.

Spanish 1a

An intro to Spanish grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The small-group format provides lots of opportunities to practice speaking.

A Capella

Come learn how to sing together as a group and make music without any instruments.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

This class will discuss the “Big Questions” of life and introduce middle-schoolers to the type of close reading they will have to do in coming years.

Red State/Blue State

We will investigate the clash between urban/liberal/Democratic “blue” states and rural/conservative/Republican “red” states.

Math Club

Participants will work to develop intuitive thinking skills and learn new types of math beyond the basics.

Big History Project Part 3

In this third and final semester we will cover human history from the Roman Empire through the modern revolution, ending with speculations about the future.

English Grammar and Mechanics

The class will cover Parts of Speech, Phrases, Clauses, and Types of Sentences and how to punctuate them.

Science Fiction and Social Issues

Racism. Sexism. War. Colonialism. Homophobia. Ecological collapse. In this group we will use the lens of science fiction to examine current events.


Vision Workshop
October 5, 2019 at 10:00 AM

Create a family vision statement that will help in choosing curriculum, activities, time and money management.


Voyagers began as several homeschooling families who met regularly in order to support their homeschooling children as a group. As their numbers grew, a true secular homeschooling community formed. Voyagers incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2000, began renting space at the PCA in Westford in 2001, and leased a full time space in Acton in 2005 to accommodate expanding needs. In 2016, Voyagers moved to North Chelmsford, which brought us closer to larger and more diverse population centers.

Mission Statement

Voyagers, Inc. is a philanthropic organization established to commit its resources to activities which are intended to benefit children, including gifted children, who are home schooled.


Voyagers is run by our amazing, talented members, but we can always use some extra support from the wider community. Our membership fees cover our base operational expenses. Your generous support enables us to provide scholarships to families in need,  Resource Center programs with minimal fees, equipment for study groups and programs, and improvements to our buildings and furnishings.


Share your knowledge, talent, or skills with us by leading a study group or offering a program at the Resource Center. Contact us to volunteer.


Donate money or goods. Contact us if you have items to donate. Cash donations can be made online via PayPal or by check.


Use AmazonSmile while shopping at Amazon and select Voyagers as your non-profit. Fundraise with gift cards at ShopWithScrip! Join our program with enrollment code EB9711F562149.

Registration for Fall Coop & Resource Center programs is now open!

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