Homeschooling Happens Here at Voyagers

Voyagers is a nonprofit, multicultural, secular, homeschooling Coop and Resource Center in Acton, Massachusetts. But first and foremost, Voyagers is a community. We are an inclusive, energetic group of over 70 families who come together to provide rich social and learning opportunities for our children and teens.

Run by a dedicated contingent of volunteers, Voyagers has two branches:

Voyagers Homeschool Coop

Voyagers Homeschool Coop offers members four full day community based coops with member designed and led study groups. Learn more.

Voyagers Resource Center

Voyagers Resource Center offers homeschooling families individual programs and activities. Examples are Mock Trial, national exams, the Learning Resources Fair, outreach events and educational programs. Learn more.

We also offer social events such as Teen and Tween Events (dances and game nights), Family Fun Days, and Voyagers’ Cocoa House, with live music performed by Voyagers members. Many of our social events are open to the homeschooling public; others are opportunities for our members to meet members attending other Coop Days.

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