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“But what about socialization?!?” Looking for an answer to that oh so persistent question? Come join us and find your homeschool tribe. At Voyagers Homeschool Coop families with pre-K to high school aged kids gather each week to learn, share our knowledge and interests, and have fun. Members attend up to four study groups each week during an eight-week semester in the fall, winter, and spring.


Running a cooperative is a joint effort. There would be no cooperative, no community, and no shared programs for our children without everyone’s active and consistent participation. Parents are required to supervise their children online, lead study groups, and take on coop-wide roles. While parents do stay busy at Voyagers Coop, there is still plenty of adult social time! We meet online and talk, knit, share interests, and just get to know one another better. Many, many Voyagers parents have developed and continue to develop deep, lasting friendships with one another.


Voyagers Coop typically consists of four virtual Study Groups (small group activities about an hour long each) and two hours of virtual unstructured time. During the virtual unstructured time, we share a meal, chat, make plans, and play.


Coop families work together to create programs that satisfy the interests of the community. Programming is dynamic and changes each Coop session as families develop new topics to meet the changing interests of our members. Study groups are usually led by members, although families sometimes decide to bring in an outside instructor for an additional fee. Tweens and teens are even encouraged to help lead study groups if they are interested. Participation in study groups is based on interest and ability, not age.

2021-2022 DATES

Fall session begins: September 13

Vacation: October 11-15

Fall session ends: November 12

Winter session begins: TBA

Vacation: February 21-25

Winter session ends:

Spring session begins: TBA

Vacation: April 18-22

Spring session ends:


With our eight-week semester system, Voyagers Coop costs $100 per family. That’s $25 per hour-long study group for the whole family, plus valuable socializing time.


$100 per semester

Every child in the family can attend up to four study groups

Priority when joining study groups

Access to email discussion lists

Lead at least one study group

Community buying power to bring in outside instructors

Access to parent and child virtual hangouts

Attend additional study groups at a discount as space permits

Attend member clubs


$50 per semester

One child can attend one study group

Study groups filled as space is available

Access to email discussion lists

No requirement to lead a study group

Access to parent and child virtual hangouts