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Mock Trial Team

Date(s) - September 20, 2019
2:45 PM - 4:45 PM


Voyagers Mock Trial Team, with the help of a teacher-coach and a volunteer attorney-coach, will study civil and criminal law, rules of evidence, and courtroom trial procedures, as part of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Mock Trial Program. Participants will read material from actual case decisions and statutes; will learn to help prepare the entire case for both the prosecution and the defense; and will assume the roles of attorneys and witnesses in competitions against other teams.

During the first few weeks, we will cover the basics of the court system and trial procedures plus opportunities to hone presentation skills. The case materials for the competition will likely be available in early November.

This is a high-school level program open to homeschoolers who wish to participate and are able to handle the material. All team members will contribute during meetings and rehearsals to help prepare the case for trial. However, not all members may be assigned roles on the competitive team. Massachusetts Bar Association Mock Trial rules permit only high school students, or homeschoolers enrolled at a high school level, to compete. Voyagers allows younger members to participate on the team but they are not permitted to compete per MA Bar Assoc. rules.

This is a serious competitive team which requires a strong commitment from all the members! Please do not sign up for this program unless you can commit to all the homework, the meetings, and competition dates.


This program will often require several hours of homework per week, including reading, some writing, and some small group work, in preparation for the competitions. Support will be provided to make this time productive via small group Skype sessions. Team members will be required to complete a portion of work online using Google Docs.


Voyagers will compete with at least three other Mock Trial teams on various weekday afternoons between late January and mid-February. Depending on our team’s success, we might continue competing in late February – early March. Dates and courtroom locations will be set by the MA Bar Association and announced when the time approaches.


When: Fridays 2:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Start Date: September 20, 2019
End Date: late February or early March
This program continues to meet through Voyagers’ winter break with time off around the holidays. As the competitions approach, some longer and/or additional practice times will be scheduled, as needed. The end date will be in late February or early March, depending on the schedule for competitions.

How to Join Mock Trial

Voyagers’ Mock Trial Team is open to homeschoolers working at the high school level. Individuals who are enrolled in a school, including online schools, are not eligible to participate in Voyagers Mock Trial Team according to Massachusetts Bar Association rules.

For more information

Voyagers Mock Trial Program: mocktrial@voyagersinc.org

Massachusetts Bar Association Mock Trial Program

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