Fall Update

Dear Voyagers Community,

I write to you with a mix of sorrow and hope, about the changes that Voyagers will be making, to get through the coming Fall.

As it becomes clearer that our Fall semester will be, at best, a combination of virtual study groups and sporadic in-person get togethers, the Board of Directors has faced the hard truth about the cost of maintaining our physical location. Without the ability to do a hard push for new members now, we simply cannot afford to pay rent on a space we may not be able to make use of for the foreseeable future.

With all the great fundraising and community building that we have done this Spring, I feel like we are in good shape to weather this tumultuous time, and have the organization continue to exist as a support to us all. When meeting in larger groups, with fewer distancing requirements becomes a possibility, we have options of other gathering spaces, which will not put such a financial strain on us.

While the loss of our space feels like a set back, it is also a point of hope. By making the decision now, we are keeping what is irreplaceable about Voyagers, namely, all of you. Our community, and our amazing, unique children, are what makes Voyagers the special organization that it is. We are looking forward to keeping our social connections strong through virtual and low risk physical gatherings over the summer. When Fall comes, we will be ready to be flexible and adaptive to the state of the world and the safety of all our members.

Thank you, to everyone who has spoken up in support of the Black Lives Matter protests that are currently sweeping our country. The Voyagers Board of Directors stands on the side of black lives. Our mission is to benefit homeschooled children, and that includes black children, and children of color.

Thank you all. Voyagers has been a point of comfort and support for many families, mine included, through this difficult time.

In peace,

Lucia Starkey, President

June 9, 2020