mid-Semester update

Dear Voyagers Community,

As we pass the midpoint in our Fall semester, it's a great time to check in to see how things are going. It is wonderful to see old friends, and get to know those of you who are new this semester.

If you are interested in joining Voyagers, please email Membership at membership@voyagersinc.org to find a time to try out a study group or two to get a feel for how our virtual study groups are operating.

The Board of Directors has met and scheduled our experimental Winter Intersession for November 30th through December 11th. This will be a great time to run study groups which don't fit into a normal semester schedule. During Intersession, we can run things over consecutive days or in a single, longer chunk of time; we can run introductions to hobbies or study groups that are hard to explain, but you know the kids will love.

On Wednesday, October 21st, at 7:00 pm, we will have a Community Meeting where we can do some brainstorming for Intersession, but more importantly, we will start the brainstorming for next semester! This is a great way for current and prospective members to help shape what our next semester will look like.

If you are doing any shopping online, there are a few ways you help with Voyagers fundraising, that won't cost you any money. First, if you buy Gift Cards, for any occasion, get them through ShopWithScrip.com (enrollment code EB9711F562149) - we get a percentage of the purchase. Second, if you shop through Amazon, use smile.Amazon.com, and set your charity to Voyagers Homeschool Inc. -- you won't pay more for items, but Voyagers will get donations from Amazon for every purchase you make. (Feel free to pass this information to friends and family too!)

In peace,

Lucia Starkey

(President, Voyagers Inc. Homeschool Cooperative)

October 16, 2020