Presidents’ note about Covid-19 shut down

Dear Voyagers Community,

The Board has been listening to all your concerns, and determining the best way forward for our community. While our co-op days are a small groups, and technically fall under the description of social groups which the WHO is not suggesting stop meeting with each other, we do have families with children who attend public schools in communities with known cases of Covid-19, and a policy of following Chelmsford School System’s closures.

To be cautious, Voyagers will be closing co-op days for the next two weeks, at which point we will re-evaluate the risk factors in our group. If we re-open in two weeks, we will schedule makeup days for each co-op day.

RC social programs, including D&D, will also be closed for two weeks. Dr. Rider’s classes will be cut short at six weeks, and the Board and Treasurer will be looking into ways to refund or credit his students for the remaining half a semester. (Please hold inquiries until next week.) Rise Out has already moved classes to virtual space, and those students should have gotten word from Laura.

As there is a high likelihood that school closures will go for several months, we are looking into ways to move co-op study groups on-line. We will also be exploring how to keep Voyagers financially solvent through these difficult times.

Thank you all for your patience, and continued support of Voyagers.

Lucia Starkey and Melissa Bonnice, Co-Presidents

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