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Voyagers Resource Center is a center for the whole homeschooling community, where you can attend a social event, come to a talk for homeschooling parents, or sign your kids up for a drop-off class. 

Is there a program you would like to offer the homeschooling community? Voyagers Resource Center may be able to help. Contact our Resource Center Director for details. 

Voyagers Mock Trial Team
Mock Trial Team
Kid presenting Cookie Science project at Voyager's Science Fair


The Resource Center offers programs in a variety of areas: science (and science fairs!), math, social studies, language arts, foreign languages, mock trial, music, and more. Many of them are drop-off classes. The line-up changes every semester so be sure to check often!

Spring 2020 Full Semester Classes


This course will cover biology from its fundamental principles through cutting-edge synthetic biology and drug discovery.

Immigration in America

In this course we will examine the history of immigration in America, beginning with the arrival of Europeans in Massachusetts and Virginia.

Introduction to Logic

In this class we will study the principles of logic and critical thinking, including arguments, premises, and conclusions, inductive and deductive thinking, syllogisms, logical fallacies, and cognitive biases


This course will present an overview of physics, ranging from Newton’s laws to relativity and quantum physics. Classes will focus on hands-on lab activities.

Physics of Flight – canceled

In this exciting 9 week course we launch into the physics of flight, design and build our own RC airplanes, and learn how to fly them using a realistic flight simulator and real life training. 

To Kill a Mockingbird

This group will use Harper Lee’s classic novel to study the Great Depression, race relations during the Jim Crow era, and the beginning of the American civil rights movement.

Upcoming Resource Center Events

SENG Workshop - canceled
April 5, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Come talk with other parents about the joys and challenges of raising gifted kids.

Science Fair/Science Share - canceled
May 2, 2020 at 1:00 PM

Join us for an informal, non-judged science fair/science share for ages 6-18.  You may use the scientific method for an experiment, or you can share information on a cool research topic. 


Voyagers hosts several information sessions for parents throughout the year. Some examples of past talks: MCC Dual Enrollment, Intro to Homeschooling, SENG, and Homeschooling with Learning Differences.

A lightbulb surrounded by a thought cloud drawing on a blackboard.
Teens singing and playing guitar at Voyager's Cocoa House event.


Voyagers Cocoa House is an evening filled with live music and entertainment provided by singers, songwriters, poets and instrumentalists, dancers, and comics from Voyagers and the homeschooling community.  We also host various tween and teen get-togethers: game nights and dances among them. Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming social events!


The Resource Center hosts various exams for the homeschooling community during the year: MOEMS Math Olympiads, National Latin Exam, National Mythology Exam, and the AMC.

Student with pencil taking an exam

Voyagers has gone virtual!

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